Helping You Get Off The Couch

About Me

by Mr. Spartan

Posted on February 6th, 2015

Welcome to my website and I hope you've enjoyed it! Let's face it America, we are a nation full of couch potatoes. People who would rather watch Family Guy from the couch than to actually be a family guy at the park. This is a least in my opinion and I hope to help change it. That is why I started this website. Yes, I am so awesome that I plan to help the entire United States get their butt off the couch and out doing stuff - especially staying healthy.

At no other time in history have people lived so unhealthy and still had such a standard of living. It's a lifestyle that we can't keep up and if we don't start fixing it now, it will become impossible to fix as our children learn all of our bad habits. Let's start today by making a difference. Eat healthier, do some exercise, and most importantly help somebody!

If you'd like to reach me or if there is something you'd like me to write about, let me know by writing to I'll do my best to get back to anyone who writes!