Helping You Get Off The Couch

W3: Workout Without Weights

by Mr. Spartan

Posted on February 6th, 2015

Woman exercising without weights

Getting a great workout on a regular basis is a great way to get into shape and to stay healthy. However, a visit to the gym is not the only way to go about this.

If you feel uncomfortable going to a gym and working out in front of a lot of people, there are many other ways to get fit. Another negative factor about a gym could be the cost. Perhaps your budget isn't set up to include joining a gym, and purchasing the right workout clothes to wear in front of all those people.

Stay home and work out. The price is right, and no one cares about what you're wearing. If you are too warm from the workout, you can open your windows, or turn on the air conditioning, and no one will complain about being too cold.

One great and easy workout to do at home is the step bench. You can use the step bench in any room of the house and can do a workout to music, or in front of the television. There are also perfect step bench DVDs available to use while doing the workout. Before you know it, you will know the entire workout by heart and will enjoy doing it.

A small stationery bicycle is also an easy piece of equipment to have in the home or apartment. This can also be used in front of the TV or while listening to upbeat music.

If you have some extra space in the home, you can do a dance workout to music. Even if you aren't a great dancer, you will have fun just going through the dance movements without anyone around to criticize you.

To do some floor exercises, you can use a mat and do some situps, crunches or many other floor workouts. Doing a round of jumping jacks is another great idea for a simple, yet effective workout.

Before beginning any workout session, it's a smart idea to do some warm up stretches. Reaching down to touch the toes is one kind; raising each arm up and bending side to side is another popular warm up. Knee bends have also been used for a very long time and can still be done. These warm ups can also be used as cool downs once the main workout is over.

So before you sign that contract for that expensive gym, keep in mind all of the alternatives and benefits that are available right in the home. You also don't have to use weights!